Slide better future. Victorian eye surgeons As a surgeon, Andrew Atkins has a limitless passion for improving people’s lives. All he needed was someone to help him with the business side of things, so he could focus on making the world a better place. A vision for a

As one of Melbourne’s most well known eye surgeons, Andrew’s in high demand across the country and around the world. On top of saving lives from Tasmania to Tonga, Andrew shares his expert knowledge at international conferences and lectures, and works closely with companies on cutting-edge technology. All in all, he has a lot on his plate!

That’s where we came in. Andrew needed someone to manage the finance side of his business, so that he could focus on what he does best. From securing financing, to assisting with taxes and business planning, to handling negotiations and managing issues, we worked around the clock to ensure that Victorian Eye Surgeons could thrive.

More than anything, Andrew needed a business partner that he could rely on to manage things on his behalf, and with his best interests in mind. We at Blue Rock Finance couldn’t have been happier to assist Andrew in his endeavour to change people’s lives for the better.

Our strong relationships with Australia’s best banks and financial institutions ensured that Andrew received the funding he needed, when he needed it, without a hitch. As a result, Victorian Eye Surgeons is now stronger than ever, and Andrew is in the best possible position to provide life-changing surgery to those in need.

“Business is effortless with Blue Rock Finance. They’re always helpful—I even get prompt responses when I need help outside of business hours.”

“Not only do they source finance from a wide variety of banks, they do it fast, and they take care of almost everything for me. They stand firm on important issues and get the job done, every time.”

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