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the dreamers.

Poppy’s Toy Shop business dream, backed by BlueRock Finance.

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Our team is here to ensure each of your endeavours is stress-free and uncomplicated, going the extra mile to make things happen. Leveraging on our vast network, we focus on delivering the best solutions, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

About BlueRock Finance

With creativity

at our core.

At BlueRock Finance, our team of experts understand the challenges of being a business owner. We see the anxieties of navigating the everchanging business landscape while managing the bottomline. More importantly, we know you are not just building your dreams, you are building your dream life.

BRF Stories

Boldly inspired.

We are passionate team players, inspired by each other within the wider BlueRock group. We draw on each other’s strengths and work closely with our clients. We believe in what you do, and what you hope to achieve. With creativity at our core, we make things happen, ensuring your dreams become a reality.