Helping their dreams

come true

Discover how we have helped our clients bring their dreams to life. From retail to medical to a host of businesses in other industries, we are proud to be a part of their exciting journeys.

Read on to discover their inspiring stories.


To infinity

and beyond.

Lisa always knew she wanted to have her own toy shop—a creative and inspiring place that would never fail to bring a smile to kids’ faces. She just needed someone to help bring her ideas to life.


Growth from the

ground up.

Despite the pandemic, business has been good for Bark King. It has been gearing up for growth, with three depots full of products that needed to be moved, requiring new trucks to deliver their goods around Melbourne.


The sky’s

the limit.

Running your own business takes commitment, passion, and drive. Enter Andrew Case! With our help, Andrew’s been able to hit the ground running, and he’s been picking up speed ever since.


A perfect


For as long as he can remember, Leo Burke had plans to start his own house-rendering business, so that he could be his own boss and do things his way. Though he had the skill, experience and motivation to get things going, Leo needed a capital investment to transform his dream into a reality.


Dream big

sleep easy.

When Hayley and Andy launched their luxury bedding company, The Sheet Society, an acquaintance gave them some life-changing advice: get a good accountant and finance partner! But, being new to the world of business, they didn’t think they could afford first-rate professional advice—until they met with Blue Rock Finance.

Victorian eye surgeons

A vision for

a better future.

As a surgeon, Andrew Atkins has a limitless passion for improving people’s lives. All he needed was someone to help him with the business side of things, so he could focus on making the world a better place.