Slide ground up. Bark King Despite the pandemic, business has been good for Bark King. It has been gearing up for growth, with three depots full of products that needed to be moved, requiring new trucks to deliver their goods around Melbourne. Growth from the

Victoria’s premier mulch distributor came to us to restructure their equipment financing for the new financial year, and to purchase new B double trucks for their growing business. They were immediately put at ease that we could deliver the best outcome within their time frame.

As multiple contracts were involved, we sat down with Bark King’s internal accountant to talk through their needs and outline the process in great detail. We helped refinance all their existing contracts at a lower rate to save them money, aligned with their financial requirements and future plans.

For Bark King, it was an easy, collaborative, and professional experience, where communication was key. We are pleased to have provided the right people and solutions to help Bark King achieve their business goals.

“Jamie from BRF is so professional and knowledgeable! Sometimes it blows me away. His experience within the industry is second to none, and his help and advice has been invaluable. I don’t think I could have achieved all this without him!”

“Blue Rock Finance delivered on everything they said they would and more.”

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